5 Places to Propose

5 Places to Propose


Thinking of popping the question? There are many beautiful places in the world and if you’re thinking about taking that next step in your relationship the chances are you will already have a place in mind that is special to you. However, sometimes choosing that perfect place can be tricky. Obviously, there are the classics, the Eiffel Tower, Rome, but if you want somewhere a bit different here are a few places you might not have thought about.

Yi Peng Festival, Chiang Mai


Yi Peng Festival that takes place in Chiang Mai each November during the full moon. The festival is a traditional Lanna event and is meant for paying respect to Buddha. The floating sky lanterns are meant to be symbols of your worries and problems floating away. What better way to mark the start of an important part of your life? Not to mention the site of over a thousand lanterns drifting away into the night is quite romantic.

Yosemite, California


Anybody who has had the pleasure of visiting Yosemite will understand the utter magnificence of the place. It is undoubtedly one of the most stunning places in the world and one of the most perfect places to say “I do”. Going in the spring is highly recommended as the waterfalls are their greatest and the place feels like the setting for a Disney movie.

Dolomites, Italy


Another beautiful mountain location is the Dolomites in Italy. The scenery is breathtaking and it’s hard not to be in awe of the regions majesty. A hike through the high meadows or a stroll by one of the lakes makes for the perfect backdrop for proposing and the region lends itself to romance.

New York City


It’s a classic, and many engagements have started lost in the city’s magic. New York is a great place to pop the question but think about where you want to do it. Sure, there are all the usual spots, walking through central park; at the top of the Empire State but take your time to find a location that will be unique for you. There are plenty of places all over the city that are great for that special moment so be original and do some research beforehand.



For anybody that has been before, you will know that Salzburg is a city with a certain charm and the city comes into its own at night. A walk by the river with the backdrop of the castle and the city lights is undeniably romantic and there is plenty of opportunity to lose yourself in the cities winding backstreets. Take a wonder up to the castle for that extra special location to ask that important question.

These are just a few examples of places and there are many, many more. The most important thing though is to find somewhere that is special to you.

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