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The Timeless Table

The Timeless Table
The Timeless Table
Dunstan Close, Chester le Street
0191 3882387

I craft and create floral design and décor elements for your wedding catered to your vision with unparalleled design expertise and extensive knowledge of colour, texture and understanding of the industry. I offer a wide range of hire items such as rustic props, unique vases, candelabras, glassware, ceramics, country garden containers and mixed metals in addition to a wide assortment of candles and décor elements. The Timeless Team also creates and designs light installations and backdrops created with floral, foliage, wood, metal and fabrics as options in a variety of styles perfect for a barn, marquee or quirky venue wedding.

Donna Hartley-Redfearn (That’s me!) My signature style has been described as boutique boho, natural with a wild edgy finish and classic with a chic twist – always colourful, never boring – never the same… with attention to the very last detail. I prefer to select and work with fresh in season blooms to create uber chic bouquets and funky button holes, awe-inspiring centrepieces that are original in every way. Over the years I ve built up a reputation for using unusual items within my designs, a few regulars are bold green apples, sliced pomegranates and chilli peppers, but to be honest I ve even incorporated a 1920’s working tractor and boat launch……. into a design…