Maid of Honour Check list

With the stress of planning pressure on the bride-to-be’s shoulders, it’s easy for the duties of the Maid of Honour to be downplayed. However, it’s certainly not an easy responsibility and one that takes dedication! We have spoken to Chaplain Dr Viau, Leah Cagwin of Southern Bride & Groom as well as the founder and editor of The Ultimate Bridesmaid Caitlin Kenney, to put together the best advice and full checklist to doing a good job!

Keep calm

 If you find the idea of wedding bells daunting, imagine how the bride-to-be feels! Leah Cagwin tells us;

“She’ll call you in the early hours of the morning freaking out. She’ll question her choices of colours, dress, and hors d’oeuvres…know this, and assure her that you’re there for her”. In these early stages, jitters are inevitable, so be prepared with whatever ice cream, film soundtrack, or bottle of wine you know will keep her calm.

Bridesmaid boss

im1Your official duty in the planning stage is to keep the bridesmaids happy and prepared. Finding a bridesmaid dress that makes everybody happy is tricky business, so you need to be the one to assert these decisions and make sure the bride-to-be is not dragged in to any drama. Also, as Leah says; “make sure the other bridesmaids don’t wait too long to order their dress, and that they get properly measured”. An ill-fitting dress will show in the photo album forever!

Hen Party planner

 This needn’t always be the crazy pink-feather-bower ordeal we see these days. As Caitlin remarks im2“try to pick a theme that means something to the bride and matches her personal style—not every bachelorette party has to channel Girls Gone Wild!”. Try to think outside of the box and make a day that shows how well you know her.

On the big day


The wedding day is all about the bride, so your main duty is to make sure she is happy, relaxed and looking perfect. A problem that is often not considered is the bride’s time to sit down and enjoy the moment. Dr Viau says “Often with all the excitement, they forget to eat and drink enough fluids”, so keep an eye out for the bride’s eating habits.

Caitlin also reminds us that the main formality on the day should be to toast the newlyweds; “focus on their story and wishing them well in their new life together”.

 The Checklist

For further expertise, have a look at the full Maid of Honour article on House of Fraser’s Blog. You can also see a Maid of Honour Checklist below, or if you are the bride-to-be and want to know more about how the role can help you, take a look at How to choose your Maid of Honour on the Perfect North East Wedding Blog.


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