What Casino Games Could You Have At Your Wedding?

Believe it or not, casino games at wedding receptions are something of a trend. People are always looking for new and interesting ways to make receptions interesting, and giving your guests some games to play (particularly with some fun stakes on the line) certainly isn’t the worst of ideas. But given that you probably won’t be opting for a fully casino-themed wedding, you’ll need to pick and choose some games, either to design on your own or to rent. These would be some of our suggestions.


If you want casino games to be features, rather than the main focus of your reception, a roulette station is a great idea. You can usually find a way to rent a professional table (complete with a dealer) if you really want to make it legitimate. That said, you can also get creative (or ask the wedding party to come through for you) with some various themes inspired by roulette. When you think about it, this simple wheel-based casino game has inspired numerous game shows over the years, and when you look into them you can get all kinds of ideas for fun twists on the game to have at your reception.


Here too you can usually find a way to rent professional help and really bring a casino atmosphere to your reception. However if you’re looking to cut costs, a poker setup is something you can probably manage on your own. You can usually buy or rent fold-up poker tabletops that you can put on some of the tables at the reception, and after that all you need is chips and nice cards (and maybe a few friends who volunteer to rotate as dealers. It may seem like an obvious point, but a guide to planning your own poker night also points out that you should have a good understanding of poker in general, or at least the dealers should. This stuff’s no fun if the rules aren’t understood and enforced.

Jackpot Draws

One fun way to embrace a casino-themed wedding without too much hassle is to have a sort of jackpot draw running throughout the reception. Guests can draw numbers or tickets (say, for free drinks or pre-purchased wedding favours), and you can have a random drawing every 20 or 30 minutes to see which lucky guest wins the prize. `


Slots are a little bit trickier. You can rent a few machines if you like, and if you plan on investing a little bit of money in your theme. Before doing so, you may want to look into which slots people tend to enjoy the most. For instance, a U.S. paper noted that casino players have been flocking to TV-themed slots, and the same can probably be said of those based on popular films. Alternatively, if you know your wedding guests particularly well, you may be able to cater to personal tastes. But with slots there’s really no workaround, save setting up smart tablets with mobile slot games pulled up. You’ll pretty much have to find a place to rent the machines from.

Truthfully you can host all kinds of casino games at your wedding reception with a little bit of creativity and perhaps the help of a rental company. These are a few ideas you can get started with though.

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