14 January, 2013

Picking your Perfect Wedding Venue

Probably the most important wedding decision you’ll make, Picking your Perfect Wedding Venue, its worth remembering this is often split into two parts, the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. We hope our site will help you to find the perfect Wedding Venues in North East England.

Wedding Ceremony

Picking where to have your wedding ceremony is the first decision you will need to make, many couples still favour a church wedding, these people often have a church in mind. If you do have a particular church in mind its often worth contemplating the logistics of getting from the church to your chosen wedding reception venue.

Picking your Perfect Wedding Venue 2

The other option is a civil ceremony, a popular choice is to have both your ceremony and reception at the same venue, if this if the case you will need to make sure that your venue has a license for marriage ceremonies. This will cut out the travelling required from between ceremony and reception, but is often more expensive than venues without a license.

Wedding Reception

If your having your wedding at a church, you can now pick any wedding venue as a license for wedding ceremonies is not required. Its worth keeping in mind that Guests will need to travel from the church to your wedding venue.

If your having your ceremony and reception at the same place, you will need to make sure you can have the ceremony there and also that they have the perfect venue for your reception. Finding a venue that has both of these can often be difficult, but with our help we’re sure you’ll find your perfect venue.

Picking your Perfect Wedding Venue

What to consider before selecting your wedding venue

What type of wedding venue?

With many different options for wedding venues, we have complied a list of the most popular to help you make your ideal choice for which Wedding Venues in North East England meet your needs:

Castles – A historic wedding venue for your perfect day, the opportunity to use a fantastic building with beautiful surroundings. Castle weddings are very popular and in the North East of England we have a number of superb Castle to choose from.

Country Houses – If your budget can stretch a country house allows you to make use of some of the most beautiful venues across the North East.

Stately Homes – An venue full of history can be yours for the day to make your wedding perfect, with facilities to take care of all your needs.

Hotels – The North East of England has many different of hotels to choose from, there is guaranteed to be something that ticks your boxes, from stunning 5 star hotels to traditional classic hotels. Another plus point in choosing a hotel as your wedding venue is that your accommodation is right on your door step. Ask the venue is they do any deals on rooms for guests and also if the bridal suite is included in the price of your big day.

Marquees – A number of locations across the North East have access to beautiful gardens and outdoor space, so having a marquee could be a possibility. Many venues provide your marquee for you, but if you are looking to hire it yourself these can be expensive.

Restaurant or pub wedding reception. Apart from the bride and groom the other most popular topic of discussion are Food and drink, these can be a vital cog in making your wedding run smoothly. So why not consider your favourite pub or restaurant, if you like the food the chances are your guests will.

Sports or social club wedding reception. Another wedding venue option is a sports or social club, these can be perfect for your wedding reception. If you are astute and carry out research you can find a venue often at a fraction of the price with facilities that are ideal.

How many guests are you likely to have?

We know you probably have not made your guest list yet but having an approximate number of guest you would like to invite will allow you to rule out venues which cannot meet  your needs.  If your having your ceremony at the venue, you will need to find out how many people can attend the ceremony, and reception

Great so you’ve picked where you would like to have your perfect Wedding, follow our quick checklist and make sure that before your agree to anything, you check all the details and small print.

Wedding Fees – How much is it per person, ask for a copy of the food menu and prices, drinks packages etc. Make sure that the venue is within your wedding budget, there’s no point picking your ideal venue then realising you cannot afford it.

Wedding venue staff – How experienced are the staff? They will be serving your guests, make sure that they will meet your needs after all they can have a massive impact on how successful your wedding day is.

Wedding venue facilities – How accessible is the venue, would guests with wheelchairs be able to get around, would elderly guests be able to climb the stairs, is there a lift. Does the venue provide appropriate seating for children.

Wedding guest accommodation – If your guests are wanting to spend the night are there any packages for guests? Also is there additional accommodation near to the venue, some venues are very expensive and guests may choose to stay local at a cheaper alternative.

Wedding transport – Is there enough parking for all your guests? What transport links are close to the hotel for those who travelling by public transport. If you putting on a coach or bus, will the vehicle be able to get up to your wedding venue.

Wedding venue restrictions – This can be split into two sections, does the venue that is holding your wedding ceremony allow confetti, candles etc? For your wedding reception, what time is last orders, do they have a residents bar? Do they allow fireworks? .

Wedding photography – Does your wedding venue have plenty of bright locations for your pictures, where are you allowed to get pictures taken? Also remember you may be wearing heels is the photography spots close by?.

Wedding decoration – What do the venue provide? Table linen, cake stand, place cards & menus. Can you provide your own? How much do they cost to get them included in your package.

Wedding extras – Will the venue provide a toast master? How many weddings do they host at one time, how do they make sure they don’t get in each others way. 

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