Venue Review: Le Petit Chateau – Otterburn

In the beautiful village of Otterburn sits the charming wedding venue – Le Petit Chateau.

Le Petit Chateau is a unique Country Manor hotel that offers charm and elegance from the moment you walk in. It’s not hard to see why this is becoming one of the most popular wedding venues in the North East, from it’s luxurious grounds to it’s shabby chic decor – it’s a venue that is sure to get your guests talking.

The feeling of exclusivity as we made our way through the hotel was something that we both noticed, unlike your ‘regular’ hotel this place made us feel that you were the only ones here.

The hotel is full of bold pieces of furniture, from the large mirrors to the giant air diffuser – the attention to detail throughout the hotel shows the dedication and style that this hotel has to creating a Perfect Wedding venue.

As we were shown to our room the helpful staff member who accompanied us took the time to our answer our question, explain to us a little more about how weddings work at the hotel and show us around the site.

Our large room was tastefully decorated; the bedroom housed a large bed and a gorgeous hand sanded wardrobe that continued the shabby chic theme. The heavy wooden doors separated our bedroom from the bathroom – and it was another fabulous talking point. The free standing copper bath, large shower and stone sink made the bathroom memorable, a perfect place for a bride and groom to prepare for their wedding day.

It’s the small detail that makes this hotel stand out – whether that be the fresh ground coffee and coffee press or the Loccitane sewing kit, these are what make Le Petit Chateau different from anywhere else we’ve stayed.

The French-doors from our room opened up onto the back of the hotel with its beautiful grounds, the photos don’t do it justice. The trickle of water from the fountain, the small paths and the carefully chosen flowers and shrubbery make it a perfect place for your wedding photographs. It’s easy to forget where you are when you are exploring the grounds.

During the summer the outdoor terrace would be a beautiful place to celebrate your wedding day with guests, with its cosy seating areas, and breathtaking views the outdoor facilities are second to none.

From our room we could see ‘Le Belle Epoque’ – a small chapel to hold your ceremony with its light pink walls, and unique shingle thatched room – it’ll make your day memorable for both you and your guests. Inside you’re welcomed by a large crystal chandelier and giant marble fireplace, features that make this a truly fabulous place to hold your ceremony. 

The Chateau ballroom has large floor to ceiling glass doors providing a perfect backdrop of the fabulous grounds at Le Petit Chateau, it’s elegantly decorated with large banqueting tables, and has a very open feeling meaning all your guests will be able to see each other, and more importantly you on your big day.

This hotel has so many unique features that are combined to make the venue like nothing else in the North East. It’s not hard to see why people are having their wedding at the idyllic – Le Petit Chateau

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