25 March, 2013

Wedding Money Saving Tips

Wedding Money Saving tips

Planning a wedding is associated with spending a lot of money, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding the right suppliers, taking advantage of special offers and cutting certain corners can help you save money on your wedding without missing out on it being perfect for you.

Plan well in advance – planning what you need for your wedding well in advance can save you a lot of money, this allows you to search for special offers, negotiate with supplier, take advantage of shop sales or do it yourself.

Choose a time ‘cheaper’ time of year to get married – Getting married during the winter (avoid Christmas) can save you money, you’ll be able to pick the venue of choice and rates are sometimes cheaper in the winter.

Choose a ‘cheaper’ day to get married – similar to the above point getting married on a Friday or Sunday can often be cheaper, venues can put a premium on Saturday weddings.

Send your save the dates by email – although this won’t be possible with all your guests, sending a Save the Date by email will save you the postage and printing costs.

Print your own invitations – They are a wide variety of design software that allows you to design and print your own invitations.

It doesn’t have to be a ‘wedding dress’ – Check out department stores for the perfect bridesmaid dresses, you may be able to find a dress at a fraction of the cost.

Do your own hair and makeup – if you haven’t planned to do something complicated and feel confident doing it yourself, why not do it yourself this will save needing to hire someone.

Rent the grooms suits – it’s often cheaper to rent the suits for the Groom and Groomsmen.

Candles are cheaper than flowers – you can often get candles cheaper than you can for flowers, so why not cut back on the flowers a little and add candles to your table decorations it could save you some money.

Do it yourself – Why not give doing your wedding favours a go yourself, you can often create some of the great ideas you see yourself at a fraction of the cost.

Get married later in the day – getting married later in the day allows you to avoid a sit down meal and go straight to the buffet.

Honeymoon in the UK – this can cut your wedding costs considerably, the UK has many lovely locations for honeymoons so consider staying in the Country and save on costs.